If you’ve spent the past week since Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson broke up wondering ‘what the hell’s going to happen to the pig?!?!’, then don’t sweat it, because we have answers.

Since Ari has been on a social media hiatus there’s been no update from the star regarding where she’s at rn emotionally, well, apart from her strutting through the streets with Chanel bags the size of herself (iconic). But luckily for us she’s now made a slick af return to Instagram with Piggy Smallz in tow.


The God Is A Woman singer must have been having a pretty animal-tastic day as her Instagram Stories has been nothing but shots of her surrounded by furry friends, including her emotional support piglet.

Ari shared pictures of her cuddling up to a bunch of pups while giggling and playing with them, and it’s enough to melt anyone’s icy heart.


But the best part is the return of Piggy Smallz. Ari and Pete brought the little one into their $16million New York City apartment last month, but now that the pair have split it’s nice to see that Ariana got to keep custody of her beloved piglet.

Hopefully this means that there’s going to be SO much more piggy content coming up and we’re here for it tbh. Brb while we go follow @realpiggysmallz on Instagram in the hopes Ari starts uploading. 

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