Ariana Grande has opened up about the release of ‘No Tears Left To Cry’ and admitted that the song has foreshadowed her difficult year.

The singer released the track back in April, which marked her first single since the Manchester terror attacks took place the year previously. Since then, it’s fair to say she’s had a tough few months.


Not only has her engagement with Pete Davidson come to an end, but she’s also been trying to come to terms with the death of ex-boyfriend Mac Miller from what’s being reported as an accidental overdose. 

Taking to Twitter, she wrote: “Remember when i was like hey i have no tears left to cry and the universe was like HAAAAAAAAA bitch u thought.”

Fans have since rallied around her, writing that she continues to “grow and flourish” through adversity: “It’s okay to cry, you’re human you have emotions. we love you and are here for you,” one person said. 

Another added: “The amount of strength you have is unbelievable and you continuously inspire people with your perseverance and drive to move forward. you’re a powerful force and you can/will always get through the painful moments. We are all here and we all love you.”

This comes after the singer released powerful new track ‘Thank U, Next’ in which she makes peace with her exes and credits each of them with teaching her a valuable lesson in life. Stay strong, Ari. 

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