In May of 2018, Vermont Governor Phil Scott signed a bill funding a state initiative that offers $10,000 to people willing to move to Vermont and work remotely for an out of state employer.

Remote Worker Grant Program is accepting applications.

At the program’s inception, Vermont budgeted funds to support 100 grants for the first three years and 20 additional workers each year from then on. Grant recipients can receive $5,000 a year over two years and will be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis. These grants can be used to cover moving, living and working expenses, including relocation, computer software and hardware, broadband internet and access to a co-working space.

So far, the application for the Remote Worker Grant Program has been downloaded thousands of times, but no completed applications have been submitted.

“We expect to be oversubscribed,” Joan Goldstein, Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Economic Development, tells CNBC Make It. “It’s first-come, first-served, so in the order of receipt of completed application, until the money runs out. And if the money runs out, we are hoping to get more funding so that people are not discouraged from applying.”

In order to apply, interested workers need to provide verification that they are employed by an organization outside of the state of Vermont and that they have moved and are now a resident of Vermont. To receive reimbursement for their expenses, members of the program simply submit invoices. (Those interested in applying can learn more here.)

“It’s not an onerous application by any stretch. It’s pretty simple and straightforward,” says Goldstein.

While Vermont may be rich in beautiful landscapes and maple syrup, it has a rapidly shrinking tax base, and the initiative is intended to address the state’s aging population.

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